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Piplines Leak into Water

1 Mar

Pipelines leak into water… There is so much evidence that can demonstrate this fact. That is why protests like the ones that happened to day in Ringwood New Jersey is so relevant. Prevention of cutting down trees for a new pipe to distribute more gas is important. It’s shocking that today, in 2013, people still question the importance of maintaining state parks, the flora, fauna, and other species that are at risk of being extinct at the hands of oil interests.

As a demonstration of how much placing pipes in the ground for oil is detrimental to the overall health of fresh water sources in this country check out this link to find out what happened on February 25th in Tyler County Texas.

From the Tar Sands Blockade :

20,000 gallons of oil just leaked from a pipeline in Texas.

The “leak detection systems” found nothing until local residents started reporting oil in their water.

All pipelines leak. Period.

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To watch the video from the local news channel that aired this story, click this link.